Sweet ‘Art Summer Show

I was recently asked  by Corrina Eastwood, Director at the Sweet ‘Art Collective, to cover the opening launch night of the Sweet ‘Art Summer Show, which took place at the new Espacio Gallery on Bethnal Green Road in Shoreditch.

The Collective is a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote artists of all levels through the delivery of thought provoking and engaging site specific exhibitions and live art events with a difference.  There were some fantastic pieces on display with many of the Artists also present to explain the effort they put into to creating their pieces and the deeper meanings and inspiration within their work.  Artist JoWOnder also performed her ‘JoWOnder And The Psychic Tea Leaves’ live performance which created quite a fanfare when she arrived, with many a puzzled stare from onlookers as she made her way along Bethnal Green Road in Victorian dress carrying a looking glass.  Drinks for the evening came courtesy of Sipsmith Independent Spirits; their ‘Summer Cup’ a blend of award winning London Dry Gin with Earl Grey tea, Lemon Verbena and Cucumber garnished with fruits made a very refreshing and drinkable summer drink that fit the occasion perfectly.

If you are an Artist of any medium, whether just starting out or well into your career, I’d certainly recommend checking out one of Sweet’Art’s future shows or perhaps even entering a piece yourself.

Check out the Sweet ‘Art website here – www.wearesweetart.com

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