Why the name Taiga Studio?

So one question people often ask me is why the name Taiga Studio, where did it come from?

It’s actually the name of my parents house which I grew up in, however the house already had the name when we moved in.  It was likely given the name by the first ever owners, as such it’s a mystery as to why they called it that, as it’s unusual.  When I graduated from University, I needed a name for my Videography and Photography business, so it seemed like the most logical one to go with, but I never really thought much about it’s meaning.

The word Taiga itself is supposedly Russian or Turkic; it is used to describe the Boreal Forest of coniferous evergreen trees and subarctic lands, that cover vast areas in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet.

There is something about the Taiga I find quite appealing, as it’s a vast area of land, with dramatically different seasons, largely untouched by man.  Obviously my Photography business is not based in the Taiga, nor was my parents house, but I still like the name.


The other issue with the name is that of how you actually pronounce Taiga.

We’ve always said it as “Tay-gah”, however occasionally I’ve had people call it “Thai-ga” which sounds more like the big cat, Tiger.

I’m not sure that either version is right or wrong, so I’m intending to stick with “Tay-gah” for the time being.  I do remember hearing David Attenborough use the word in the recent BBC Frozen Planet documentary, but I forgot which version he went with.  He is of course an authority on these things, so I’d happily go with whatever version he used, but I can’t remember which it was!

Any ideas what he said?


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