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Well, this is likely the sixth version of my website since I started Taiga Studio back in 2004.  I’m happy to say that while it’s not quite finished yet, this is already the one I’m happiest with.  Having a blog feature to it is something I never had in prior versions, so I think this is going to give it a whole new level.

So what is my blog going to be all about?

– It will feature updates on what I’ve been shooting lately.

– Work from other Photographers that I find interesting.

– Anything I find that I’d like to use as inspiration.

– Camera news – particularly biased towards Canon, as that’s what I shoot with.

– Tips – Both my own and any I find that are useful.

– My own ramblings, which may or may not have anything even to do with Photography.

So stick around and I should have something interesting to see!


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